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Late Registration

Submission Deadline

Results Announcement

15th Jan-

28th Feb, 23

 1st Mar-

30th Apr, 23

1st May-

25th Jul, 23

1st Aug, 23

1st Sept, 23

15th Jan, 23

All dates are scheduled at 11:59 pm IST

Undergraduate Students of Architecture, Planning and Design of all years are eligible to register in the awards in their respective categories.  

Find the right category before registering in the awards.

Freshman Category (First Year Students)

Sophomore Category (Second Year Students)

Junior Category (Third Year Students)

Senior Category (Fourth/Fifth Year Students)

Kindly upload a scanned copy of college ID in the Registration form for category confirmation, else the registration shall stand incomplete. Please make sure that your ID card reflects your current student of the category you are registering under. If not, please upload any document that does. 

In case the project was done in a group, names and college IDs of the group members need to be mentioned on the form. 

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